The 100 Women Project

I know it may sound a little corny . . . but you are here on this page in this moment in time for a reason. Somehow it found YOU. So often human nature tells us I’ll be pretty when, I would be ready if, I should have done it 10 years ago, I would if only . . . But the truth is, your story is just as meaningful today. You are beautiful today. You are worth celebrating today! 

A few years ago my family hit one of life’s bumps. It fell like a ton of bricks the day my mom told us she had breast cancer. The journey was long and difficult. Along the journey I remembered just how important it is to tell our story, to preserve today’s chapter. I’m so blessed to be able to say that my mom “kicked cancer’s butt”.

Now that things have returned to a new normal, I want to capture and tell the story of as many women as I can. To start I’ve set a goal of photographing and capturing  the stories of 100 Women over the next two years. With a plan for it to all culminate in a gallery showing at the end of the two years.

I would love for you to share this project with your family and friends and to have you be a part of it. For you to take a leap of faith in yourself and join in on the journey with me. Your story should be told too! 


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